Sunday, November 16, 2008

This is our Humanitarian project. I'm the new humanitarian "specialist" in our ward. My first major project is to put together sets of childrens building blocks. We are making 1,200 blocks, and sewing bags to store them in.
Just testing them out. Yep, they work!

"Painting the blocks is fun to do, fun to do, fun to do. Painting the blocks is fun to do, to do to do to do! It actually turned into quite a big job!

Some kids never grow up!

Why can't these cool geen 4 wheelers come in big kid sizes??

Here is Deb at balanced rock.

We all got to "roll" in this cool jeep. I was a
great afternoon of rock climbing.


We are white water rafting maniacs!

These are a little late but here are some of the pictures we took at

Moab with Christopher and Deb. We even had the same river guide!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our New, well...kinda, Pontoon boat

Last week while delivering the mail, I was listening to the trading post program on the radio. A guy was advertising a pontoon boat for sale so I thought I would call and see how much he wanted for it. He wanted $550 for it but because we were so far away he said we could have it for $450. We drove to Manti as soon as I got off work and we are now the proud owners of a 16 foot pontoon boat with a trailer and 25 horse Johnson outboard motor. We took it out to the "Res" for it's "Maiden Voyage" this evening. The motor started on the first pull and we were able to launch and reload the boat on the first try. We were so proud. We dropped the motor off to a guy that works on motors so he could give it a tune-up and we are going to take it to Fish Lake on Monday, September 8th. This guy said we could probably sell the motor by itself for about $800. We made a pretty good deal huh!! We want to paint it and maybe put some metal sheeting around the railing. Also it would be nice if we could find some sort of shade cover and we want to mount a gas barbeque grill. We will be right up town with the Clampetts on the Beverly Hillbillys.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

JULY 31, 1982 DEB'S BIRTHDAY !!!

When I woke up this morning , I layed in bed for a while and thought about this day 26 years ago. It started like any other day with the alarm going off at 5:30 AM. It was time to get up and go to work at the post office. I was nine months pregnant and I remember laying there and holding still to see if anything felt different...was this the day we had been waiting for? Probably not... I might as well get up and get ready for work. Carl was supposed to go to Salt Lake to pick up a motorcycle for a customer who was driving to Delta from Las Vegas. By the time I got ready to leave for work, I felt some thing was different but I couldn't put my finger on it. I was a little nervous about Carl leaving because what if I went into labor while he was gone. I mentioned this to him and he said " So are you going to have it today or not? If I stay home and you don't have the baby, I'm going to be bugged." I responded, "Well if you go and I start into labor while you are gone then I'm going to be bugged." Anyway, Carl went to SLC and picked up the motorcycle and came home and started putting it together out in the shop. I went to the post office and got my mail all sorted and went out on the route to deliver the mail. I was about one hour into my four hour route when I realized I was having contractions. I hurried as fast as I could hoping to finish my route before I had to go to the hospital. I probably had about about half the route left when I came to the conclusion that I wasn't going to make it. The contractions were getting harder and closer together. I went back to the post office and made arrangements fo someone to finish my route and then I went home to break the news to Carl. When I told him we needed to start getting ready to go to the hospital, he said "Can you give me an hour and I will have this bike put together?" I told him I was going to go get in the shower and get cleaned up but then it really was time to go. After showering and getting dressed, I went out to the shop to see if Carl was ready to go....He wasn't! He said" I'm so close. Can you just wait 15 more minutes and I promise I will be done. I said " Do you want me to take the boys (Russ and David) to the babysitter and then will you be done?" He promised he would be done by the time I got back. After taking the boys to the sitter, he was just washing up when Iwalked in the door. We then dashed off to the hospital and Deb was born about one hour later.

Monday, June 16, 2008


This is my very first posting on our blog so you will have to cut me some slack. We also just got high speed internet about ten minutes ago so it will be interesting to see how this all works out. We went to Moab, Utah over the Memorial Day weekend with Chris and Davie and Derrick. We made arrangements to go through Westwater Canyon on the Colorado River on a guided tour. Carl wanted to go when the river was really high water because he thought it would make the rapids more exciting. This section of the river was about 18 miles long and had about 20 rapids that were classified as three and four on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the worst). The river was at the highest it has been in about 12 years (38000 cubic feet per second). The normal level for this time of year is about 15000 to 18000 cubic feet per second. Also the water was really cold so we all had to wear wetsuits. Anyway, the trip through the canyon was fun but not the wild ride we anticipated. Because the river was so high, all the rapids were way deep under the water so it was just very swift. We actually made the trip in about half the time it normally takes. This exciting adventure took place on Saturday. On Sunday we went to Church at our old ward in Moab. We lived there in 1976-77. Russ Was born in Moab. We were surprised there were a few people that remembered us from 32 years ago. Then we decided to stay on Monday so we rented a jeep and a mountain bike for Derrick and went 4-wheeling on the Slickrock area. It was a really fun trip. We want to go back this summer and rent our own raft and run the river on our own and also take our little Geo Tracker and go 4-wheeling again. It will be alot cheaper and just as much fun!!