Sunday, January 4, 2009


This has been my best Christmas season for many years. My prayers have been answered and at various times during this holiday season I have been able to spend time with all my children and grandchildren.
It started off with the arrival of Deb and Paiton on December 8th. While they were here we got to ride 4-wheelers, see the cows at the dairy, swim at the hot pots, see some big bucks up the canyon, sew, make stables for nativity scenes and when Christopher got here he made some great improvements to our computer, including setting up our web cam. ( Thanks Chris! ) We had so much fun with Paiton and catching up on all the new things she has learned. I loved hearing her sing" TOMORROW, TOMORROW, It's only a day AWAAAAAAAAAAAY ! ! !" Carl and I both were amazed at how much she has changed since we saw her in July.
On the 17th of December Christine brought David,Summer,Andrew, Logan and Hannah to Delta and along with Deb, we all got up the next morning and went to the snow covered dunes and rode 4-wheelers and tubes. We had a big fire to keep warm and roasted marshmellows and hotdogsand had hot chocolate. It was a beautiful day and we all had a great time. Christopher stayed at the house while Paiton took a much needed nap. That night we all drove to St. George and spent the night in a 3-bedroom condo courtesy of my generous brother Kelly. When we woke up we drove to Vegas for a wacky day of shopping at the swap meet. We all bought a special gift and played a fun game exchanging gifts. The next day we spent "Chilling" in the pool and the hot tub. Crystal and her family came over and all the kids had fun playing together. We all had fun challenging each other to take a dip in the ice cold "kiddie pool". That night we enjoyed a delicious "Cafe Rio" dinner cooked at the condo by all the "gals". Then to top off the evening for the kids, Christine prepared a pinata filled with candy. We only had one person come and remind us that "quiet time" was in 30 minutes. After all the festivities, David and Summer and their kids had to pack up and head up north so David could catch his plane back to Cleveland and work. During this whole trip we had to keep Christine occupied because she was missing Davie so much. Davie had to keep the library going strong , but we appreciate his dedication.
For Christmas day we had Deb, Christopher, Paiton, Chris and Davie. Davie read us a cute Christmas story and serenaded us with an original Christmas medley of Christmas jokes put to music on the guitar. It was great fun ! Christine and Davie made a gingerbread house and everyone made and decorated Christmas sugar cookies. Then we all turned in and waited for Santa to come.
After opening presents and spending the day together, Deb and her family went to spend some time with Christopher"s family in Richfield. Davie and Chris had to go home and go back to work the next day. Thank you all for all the great gifts and for spending time with us. We loved every minute of it ! ! But the fun wasn't over yet! On Saturday after Christmas, Russ and Angela and Jaden, Ashlyn, and Cadence came to Delta. We spent several hours at the dunes with another round of 4-wheeler riding, roasting marshmellows,hotdogs, and having hot chocolate around the fire. Then we changed clothes and went to the hot pots in Meadow for a swim in the warm water. We were there for nearly 3 hours because nobody wanted to get out in the cold. It was dark when we finally got out and the kids nearly froze to death. Russ just put on a t-shirt and spent quite a bit of time getting the kids dressed and warmed up and to the car. By the time he got a chance to put on dry clothes, his swimming suit was frozen solid. Poor guy! I felt so sorry for him. He is such a good Dad! After we were all dry and warm we stopped in Fillmore for some famous "chicken and potato logs". When my kids were younger we would go to Dr. Moody for dentist visits in Fillmore. They all hated the dentist so to bribe them so it wasn't so bad we would go get "chicken and potato logs" after the dentist. They used to" speak" to go first in the chair so that their numbness would be worn off by the time we went to go get chicken. The last one in the dentist chair was still numb and had to be careful. After this full day, Russ and his family headed home to Layton. What a wonderful Christmas season I had with all my family! Thank you all! God bless us every one!