Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our New, well...kinda, Pontoon boat

Last week while delivering the mail, I was listening to the trading post program on the radio. A guy was advertising a pontoon boat for sale so I thought I would call and see how much he wanted for it. He wanted $550 for it but because we were so far away he said we could have it for $450. We drove to Manti as soon as I got off work and we are now the proud owners of a 16 foot pontoon boat with a trailer and 25 horse Johnson outboard motor. We took it out to the "Res" for it's "Maiden Voyage" this evening. The motor started on the first pull and we were able to launch and reload the boat on the first try. We were so proud. We dropped the motor off to a guy that works on motors so he could give it a tune-up and we are going to take it to Fish Lake on Monday, September 8th. This guy said we could probably sell the motor by itself for about $800. We made a pretty good deal huh!! We want to paint it and maybe put some metal sheeting around the railing. Also it would be nice if we could find some sort of shade cover and we want to mount a gas barbeque grill. We will be right up town with the Clampetts on the Beverly Hillbillys.