Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sandrock Ridge Riders ATV Club

After we bought our 4-wheelers we decided to join a local ATV club called The Sandrock Ridge Riders. We didn't know anyone in the club. All we knew was that they went on an organized ride to different places each month. The first ride of 2009 was to an area down by Colorado City. We went on two-sixty mile rides, on Friday and Saturday. We had a great time and the people in the club turned out to be mostly retired folks about our age and older. we were a little afraid they might be a rough crowd like Hell's Angels. On the first day when we stopped for lunch we sat with about 10 people and the conversation turned to LDS ward boundries. Turns out there were several bishops and all the rest were LDS also. We made a good choice. The rides were a blast! The Saturday ride was along the east fork of the Virgin River and we took a trail that crossed the river 23 times!

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