Saturday, April 11, 2009

Conference and painting the pontoon boat

Davie and Chris came to Delta to watch General Conference. They surprised us with some new outdoor carpet for our pontoon boat. They were excited to put it down right away. We told them we really needed to replace the plywood on the deck before we put the new carpet down. So we tore up the old rotted plywood and then decided that while the deck was gone it would be easier to paint the boat. We had bought the paint to paint it but had never got it done. So we painted the boat, got new decking, and installed the new carpet. Thanks Davie and Chris!!! We probably wouldn't have done it without your pushing and helping to get it done. It looks so much better. It is not quite so "red neck" anymore.

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Our Blog said...

Russ said he saw your latest posts and told me to go check them out! This was so great to read. The pontoon boat looks so fun! It was good we could come to visit you last Friday for a moment and see the hard work for ourselves! I'm glad Davie and Chris could come and help so much. It looks like the fishing trip was a huge success! I'm so glad you could spend time with your long time friends and that club looks like it's made just for the two of you!