Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mom's Big Fish

I got to cross off one more thing on my "bucket list" today. I have always wanted to catch a big fish. We are still novices at this Mackinaw fishing but we have talked to quite a few people who have caught one and everyone has a different method for catching big "Macs" at Fish Lake. After I caught this one this morning, Carl told me that he has been humoring me by buying me a new reel for my pole and helping me troll for my big fish. Never in his wildest dreams did he think I would actually catch one!


Andrew said...

that is SO BIG!

You know who said...

Wholly crap...good job mom!!!! I bet dad was telling you the whole time "to keep the tip up" and not to "horse around with it". Ha Ha, I'm funny. AWESOME!!!!

Our Blog said...

now that is some serious happiness on your face! :) i LOVE that picture and am SO IMPRESSED!!!